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Broken Arrow Transmission Repair | No More Asking Kids to Hold the Flashlight


There is only one shop you should go to for all your Broken Arrow transmission repair issues and that is going to be our shop here in Broken Arrow at the Garage Auto Repair. With our hours being Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. we are always available to help the community at Broken Arrow with all of their vehicle issues. We are the highest and most reviewed repair shop and we do take this with pride. Let us show you how passionate we are about being your vehicle repair specialist and offer walk-in appointments or scheduled appointments.

We can help you here at the garage Auto Repair from everything Broken Arrow transmission repair to possible air conditioning issues. As we all know being in Oklahoma, this summer can get extremely hot, so you definitely want the airflow of a good AC system in your vehicle. Let us check everything from your wires to make sure there are no leaks within your system to your exhaust and ensure everything is Flowing as it needs to be. Let us run some diagnostics for your vehicle and we will come up with a solution that you are aware of.

Perhaps it may not be a broken arrow transmission repair that we need to visit the garage Auto Repair for, but it could be a dead battery. We all understand the frustration of trying to turn your vehicle over for the battery to be dead. There are many different reasons why the battery could be dead, but you do not just want to replace it and not diagnose the underlying issue. It can be issued anywhere from your alternator to your starter to the corrosion built up on the battery itself. if there is not a sufficient charge going to the battery, then it cannot properly operate your vehicle.

All of these issues can easily be taken care of by our experienced technicians, unlike many other repair shops that are in the area. We will not be intimidating as well as rude when we help explain what the issue could be with your vehicle and we ask that you put us to the test. Our experience and passion are unlike any other and our five-star review goes to show that we will put our customers before any other need. Come see for yourself while we are amazing and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

No time to waste if there is a sound coming up from under your vehicle. do not drive on the roads unsafe and give us a call to schedule your appointment at 918-806-2709. to check out all the other services that we can provide with you today then we would love for you to give us a look at our website at Whether you are looking for a career or looking for vehicle repair, we are going to have in store exactly what you are needing today.