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Wheel Alignment – Broken Arrow

Wheel Alignment | Broken ArrowAccording to various research data, the average vehicle is driven approximately 12,000 miles annually. Vehicles that the toe alignment just 0.17 inches from its specifications can drag the tires sideways for more than 68 miles in one year.

How To Know If Your Vehicle Is Out Of Alignment

There are five key ways to know if your vehicle is not in alignment. They are:

  • Uneven/excessive tire wear
  • Feeling of wandering/looseness
  • Steering wheel moves to right or left
  • Steering wheel shimmies or vibrates
  • Steering wheels doesn’t center even when car is moving straight

4 Benefits Of A Properly Aligned Vehicle

There are four benefits to having a vehicle that’s properly aligned

  • Decreased Tire Wear
    When your vehicle is out of alignment, it can result in premature wear on the tire. With a properly aligned vehicle, you can get thousands of miles more from your tires.
  • Improved Gas Mileage
    With a decrease in rolling resistance, you get better gas mileage. And, this decrease in rolling resistance happens when you have a complete alignment in all four wheels and the right amount of inflation.
  • Better Handling
    Do you notice your vehicle pulling to one side? Do you notice a vibration in the steering wheel? Do you find yourself always moving the wheel to ensure the vehicle stays straight? A total alignment will correct these handling issues. On top of that, road shock is greatly reduced when the parts of the system are properly aligned.
  • Safer Driving
    Our alignment process will also include an inspection of the suspension system, which means we’ll find worn parts before they become a costly issue.


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