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Our Auto Repair Services

Air Conditioning Repair:

Automotive Air Conditioning RepairWe can check for leaks, replenish fluid, recharge your system, or fix a broken one before you’re stuck in the heat.


Check Engine Light:

check engine light and engine diagnosticsEngine trouble? Check Engine light on? The Garage Auto Repair can quickly and precisely diagnose your car or truck’s engine problems, as well as correctly find the root cause for the Check Engine light being on.


Battery ReplacementYour battery powers all the electrical components in your car, which is why having a well-functioning one is vital. Our team can check yours to make sure it’s performing up to manufacturing standards, and also replace it if needed.


Brake Repair & ServiceOur comprehensive brake service means we prioritize your safety as much as you do. We are ready to inspect your brake system, including ABS. We can repair and/or replace: pads, shoes, rotors, hoses, lines, cylinders, and other brake hardware.

 Engine Repair:

Engine RepairsFor more in-depth engine diagnostics and repairs, our mechanics have the know-how, experience and equipment to diagnose and fix a variety of complex engine problems.

Oil Changes:

Oil ChangesRoutine oil changes and filter replacements are the easiest and most inexpensive ways to maintain your car. Our oil changes come with a seventeen-point inspection of your vehicle.


Suspension RepairsYour suspension system helps you maintain control of your car when you drive over bumps and potholes. Let us look for signs of excessive wear and replace any damaged parts, so you can be back on the road safely.

Transmission Services:

Transmission RepairsProper transmission maintenance is the key to long vehicle life. Our techs can check your fluid or replace your filter before any major problems start. If you do need a repair, we can do that, too. We service manual and automatic transmissions.

Timing belts:

Timing Belt RepairTiming belts are crucial to engine function but they wear out from driving. We can tell you when it’s time for a replacement and perform the service for you.

Tune-Ups & Preventative Maintenance:

Automotive Tune-UpsRegular maintenance service with us helps make sure that your car is with you for years to come. Our quality inspection includes: tire checks, heating/cooling, sensors, lights, oil and filter change, air filters, transmission, brakes, and more.

Wheel Alignment:

Wheel AlignmentExtend the life of your tires, boost your fuel economy, and get a smoother drive by letting us make sure your wheels are properly aligned and level with the road.


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