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Transmissions – Broken Arrow

Transmission Repair | Broken ArrowMore than 90 percent of failures in automatic transmissions are the result of fluid contamination and overheating.

Most people don’t remember to get Automatic Transmission Fluid services, and even when it is performed, most are not fully done. This is a real issue because it can result in premature repairs or replacements and automatic transmission shifting problems.

  • The usual transmission drain and refill service takes just 40 percent of the contaminated ATF out, leaving the rest tapped inside the valve bodies, transmission cooler lines and torque converter.
  • New transmission fluid can loosen the harmful muck and varnish deposits that could cause shifting issues and, potentially, transmission failures.
  • Replacement of an automatic transmission system can run you a minimum of $2,000.

The Garage Offers A Transmission Flush Service

Use our Transmission Flush Service on a regular basis to ensure the survival of your vehicle’s automatic transmission service. Our service uses specially-formulated chemicals and patented equipment to address the issues typically linked to traditional drain and refill services.

  • Our ATF service will eliminate 95 percent of the contaminated fluid
  • We use a specially-designed chemical that will safely eliminate the dangerous sludge and varnish deposits
  • The new ATF will have proprietary conditioning chemicals that do the following:
    • Extend the life of your transmission fluid
    • Smooth out hard-shifting or rough-shifting problems
    • Seal up o-rings and seals to ensure there are no leaks

We have an exclusive transmission flush-equipment that key vehicle manufacturers have given their approval of.

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