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Automotive Suspension – Broken Arrow

Automotive Suspension Service | Broken ArrowWhen it comes to the stability, steering and stopping of your vehicle, the most important parts are the struts and shocks. When these start to show wear and tear, they don’t have the ability to control the vehicle, causing it to lean. They also can’t give tires the grip needed to deal with bumps.

The firmness of a shock absorber will affect how much weight is transferred from one side to the other. When there is too much of a weight transfer from poor shock absorbers, it will cause the tire unloading to tersely pass from sticking to sliding. This stability and vehicle control loss will put the safety of the driver and passengers in danger. Therefore, it’s crucial to have your struts and shocks maintained on a regular basis.

Shocks and struts that are working correctly will:

  • Keep tires on road
  • Maintain vehicle alignment
  • Keep vehicle stable
  • Provide comfortable ride to vehicle
  • Prolong lifespan of other suspension parts

There are many noted warning signs when these parts are not in good working condition such as:

  • Too much fluid leaking
  • Unusual wear on tires
  • Vehicle continues rocking after hitting a bump
  • Nose dives when brakes are pressed hard
  • Car will feel mushy or bouncy
  • Worn or broken bushings

Since these issues tend to happen over a period of time, you may not readily notice them. However, the Garage Auto Repair technicians will check your shocks and struts to ensure they’re in working condition.

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