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There is only going to be one at CV Axle Repair Broken Arrow shop you want to trust your vehicle for all of the system checks and maintenance it requires. The Garage Auto Repair is going to be the best place for you being broken arrows, the highest and most reviewed repair shop in the area. We provide estimates for our customers as well as have diagnostic equipment that is up to date at all times. Ask us today how we can be at any of our competitors’ prices and the many services we will be able to provide you.

Our CV Axle Repair Broken Arrow shop has many different services that can help you when it comes to your check engine light coming on. We will be able to precisely diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle and you may be surprised by what is causing it to go off. it could be due to your battery. If your battery is not performing up to standards, we will have testing to see if that is the case. Perhaps your air conditioning is not up to Pink condition. Let us recharge your entire system as well as change any fluid that needs changing.

Only trust the professionals when it comes to testing your CV Axle Repair Broken Arrow services. Whether you are needing your brake lines repaired or serviced, we will say that we will be able to help you with this one with no problem. you want to be sure to have routine oil changes done at our shop as this is going to extend the luncheon of your vehicle. Maybe your engine needs repair. to receive an in-depth diagnostic as well as the solution to whatever problem is currently going on in your vehicle, then schedule an appointment or walk into a location today.

Perhaps it is not your battery and it is not due to an oil change, transmission problems are problems that are expensive and a pain. If you are needing this repair, we will be able to change the transmission oil as well as the filters. This will help your vehicle run up to maximum efficiency. Our technicians will be able to replace or work on any damaged Parts you may have as well as maintenance standard and automatic transmissions for you today. Let us inspect your tires, air conditioning, sensors, lights, and much more that may be giving you problems driving down the road.

If you are wanting to schedule an appointment for free time out of the week Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. you will want to give us a call today at the number 918-806-2709. You also are able to go to our website at to see all of the many wonderful reviews we have that our past clientele has left us over the years. do not worry if you do not have time to schedule an appointment as we do take walk-on appointments as well. do not let your car be in bad condition, be sure to schedule an appointment with the professionals today.