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CV Axle Repair Broken Arrow | We Can Help You!


If you are looking for a quality and trustworthy mechanic to do your CV Axle Repair Broken Arrow then you Should consider making an appointment or walking into the Garage auto repair shop in Broken Arrow. The Garage auto repair shop offers quality and honest services with mechanics that you can trust. From the second that you walk into our shop doors to the second that you leave we provide you with the honest diagnosis of your vehicle and you will not be tricked into purchasing any type of service that your vehicle doesn’t truly need.

The garage auto repair shop is confident that they can and will find a solution with your CV Axle Repair Broken Arrow. We understand that your vehicle is one of your largest Investments so we can ensure that we not only have the most experienced mechanics working on your vehicle, but that we also have the latest tools and equipment to do the job on your vehicle correctly and efficiently. We can guarantee you That you will be more than happy with the finished results now.

How do you know if you need a CV Axle Repair Broken Arrow? CV axles are durable And have been built for a long service life. The most common reason for a failure in your CV axle is because of a tear in the rubber boot. when a tear in the rubber boot occurs that allows for the lubricating oil to escape and for dirt and moisture to get into the gears instead. A very small amount of dirt and or moisture along with a lack of lubrication can do a pretty significant amount of damage in a very short period of time. Therefore you should replace any CV axle that has a failed boot as soon as you can.

You may be wondering what the symptoms of a failing CV axle could be? The first symptom is typically when the boot fails the grease will leak out. This is the symptom that most people will notice first. The grease could fly out in any direction meaning that sometimes it could end up on the exhaust or another hot surface resulting in a burning smell. Another symptom is as damage occurs to the CV axle, a clicking noise when turning can occur. sometimes the clicking will be louder on one side when turning compared to the other. Waiting to repair your CVI for too long could result in the axle failing completely and eventually resulting in a breakdown.

Thankfully, CV axles are very commonly available and replacing them is not considered a major repair. The garage auto repair shop in Broken Arrow is a more than qualified repair facility that can diagnose and replace your CV axle in a timely manner. If you are needing this service to be done give us a call at 918-806-2709 so that we can schedule an appointment for you or if you’d prefer to visit our website instead you can click here