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Engine Repair Broken Arrow | Repairing Engines


At the garage auto repair we Engine Repair Broken Arrow. We know that repairing an engine can be a large undertaking but with our long history of working we are sure that we can prepare your engine to be as good as new. You can trust us to to the best job that anyone can do. We pride ourselves in doing high-quality work having our customers love our prices and experience.

If you think you have something small going on maybe you need a filter change or your check engine light comes on to have us do a more in depth look into your engine to make sure there’s nothing that needs to be repaired. We are excellent getting the right diagnosis and charging you the right price for whatever needs to be repaired. With diagnostics and troubleshooting that are top-notch we know we will figure out what is wrong charging for any service that is needed to determine what is wrong with your truck we’re sure to be open about what we are doing and discuss exactly how much it was cost before we start working to get your life back on track. We are the Engine Repair Broken Arrow shop.

A lot of engine repairs that we do our spark plugs we can change spark plugs we can check then we can recap them and even work with broken or damaged spark plugs. We are happy to work on intake manifold gasket’s. We can replace gaskets or we can go through your intake manifold to double check that it’s going to seal up just like it’s supposed to in that it won’t give you any trouble in the future. We love working on the ignition coils and replace those coils to make sure that your vehicles going to start right when you want to start. Know that we work on his oxygen sensors. We can replace those sensors so that your experience in installing and your engine will run roughly due to a wrong mix of gas and oxygen in the engine. If you need Engine Repair Broken Arrow reach out to us.

There plenty of other sensors that we can check we can repair and replace sensors to help your engine operate and perform at its very best. We care about our customers and their vehicles. Our customer satisfaction is our highest priority sure that the would recommend us to their friends and family. We had in-depth knowledge of engines great experience decades of experience that we rely on to give you the best quality service anywhere in the Tulsa metropolitan area. We would be happy to schedule you today so give us a call you can always walk in or email us to schedule an appointment today. Our customer service so great we will give you a free ride to work for you right back call while your car is being worked on.

If you’d like to reach us you can reach us at or 918-806-2709 one our customer service or percentage will respond to you promptly think that you back on the road. We know that dealing with car troubles is a frustrating time and we want that to be as pleasant experience as it can be.