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Transmission Repair Broken Arrow | Simple and Seamless Repairs


If you’re needing to get your Transmission Repair Broken Arrow Then the Garage auto repair shop and services would be the perfect place for you to go due to their lower prices, attentiveness to detail and the fact that they are the highest and most rated auto repair shop and services in the Broken Arrow General area. This is due to the fact that we go above and beyond in our efforts to impress our customers and make sure that they are completely satisfied from the time that they walk into the time that they walk out.

When getting your Transmission Repair Broken Arrow at the garage auto repair shop some things That you should know are that more than 90% of failures in automatic transmissions are the results of fluid contamination and or overheating. most people don’t remember that they are supposed to get an automatic transmission fluid service done but even when it is performed most of the time, our competitor’s mechanics do not properly finish it how they are supposed to. That is why you Should just choose the garage auto repair shop and services every time for your auto repair needs.

Some other Transmission Repair Broken Arrow locations do not pay attention to the little details and that is what we pride ourselves on focusing on the most and is the main reason why our customers are always so pleased as well as leaving us outstanding reviews. the usual transmission drain and refill service takes just about 40% of the contaminated ATF out while leaving the rest trapped inside of the valve bodies, transmission cooler lines and the torque converter. adding new transmission fluid on top of contaminated transition fluid can loosen the harmful muck and varnish deposits that could cause shifting issues and potentially transmission failures.

Replacement of an automatic transition system can be up to a minimum of $2,000. at the garage auto repair shop we offer a transmission flush service that you can use on a regular basis to ensure the survival of your vehicles transmission service. our service uses a specially formulated chemical and patented equipment to make sure that we can address the issues that are linked to the traditional drain and refill services. our ATF service will eliminate 95% of the contaminated fluid and we will also be using a specially designed chemical that will safely eliminate the dangerous slush and varnish deposits. this will extend the life of your transmission fluid, smooth out hard shifting or rough shifting problems as well as sealing up O-rings to ensure that there are no leaks

Our shop is located off of 3325 South Aspen Avenue, Broken Arrow Oklahoma and our store hours are Monday through Friday opening at 7:30 a.m. and closing at 6:00 p.m. we are not an appointment based shop so walk-ins are welcome, but if you would prefer to schedule an appointment you can always call us at our phone number 918-806-2709 or you can visit our website to schedule an appointment here